July 1, 2022

Daniel Jirles

Daniel Jirles came to the OhioMeansJobs Center in Tuscarawas County looking for assistance in filling out job applications after leaving his previous job due to health issues. About a year ago, Jirles had come to the center to conduct a job search and found a job within a week! This time, however, he was not having as much luck in finding a new job.

Resource Room Specialists, Lana Sims and Jenifer Jordan were able to assist Jirles in logging into his email and job search account in order to continue his job search. Jirles would come into the center a few days a week to use the computer, look through the OhioMeansJobs center’s job listings, and apply for jobs online. He continued doing this for a few weeks.

Each time Jirles would come into the center, he gave updates as to what companies he had heard back and had interviews with, as well as which companies he wished to apply to that day. He continued on his intense job search with the help of the OhioMeansJobs center staff, and about a week later he reported that he had accepted a job with Marlite in Dover, OH.

The position Jirles had accepted was in the shipping department making $16.50 an hour. He will also receive full benefits and a union membership after 90 days of employment. Jirles thanked the resource room staff for all their help and stated that he is very happy to be getting back to work.

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