March 28, 2024

VANTAGE Aging Senior Community Service Employment Program

Category: Partner Spotlight

Author: Maddy Miller

Tell us about your organization; what is your mission and who do you serve?
VANTAGE Aging’s mission is to promote a positive perspective on aging. As part of this mission, it is a provider of the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) which is sponsored through the Department of Labor and the Ohio Department of Aging. For SCSEP, the program serves those who are 55 and older, unemployed, living within one of the provider counties, have income below 125% of the FPL, and want to get back into the workforce. What the program actually does is provide paid on-the-job training at a training site (non-profits or government agencies in the applicant’s community). In addition to this on-the-job training, VANTAGE Aging staff works with the job seeker to overcome barriers keeping them from unsubsidized employment, such as lack of transportation, physical health/disability, or housing instability. The ultimate goal is to get the job seeker to the point where they can secure employment and live well.

What is one thing someone might not know about your organization or is unique about your organization?
VANTAGE Aging is headquartered in Akron, OH, but the Senior Community Service Employment Program, serves 38 counties in Ohio and 37 counties in Indiana!

How do you work in partnership with the OhioMeansJobs Centers?
We rely on OhioMeansJobs for referrals in our counties, and a lot of our county offices are actually located in OhioMeansJobs (OMJ) Centers. In many of our counties, the OMJ center also serves as a training site for job seekers to learn administrative and customer service skills. OMJ centers also serve our clients by being a resource for updating resumes, job searching, and practicing interview skills.

For more information, visit:
Senior Community Service Employment Program | Vantage Aging

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