The Business Resource Network

The Business Resource Network (BRN) helps regional businesses thrive, grow and create jobs by bringing a strategic and collaborative approach to solving their problems and expanding their opportunities. This client-centered approach transcends individual programs and red tape to focus on meeting the complete business service needs of the client and delivering measurable results to our clients and communities.

We are here to listen and learn more about your business and needs. We will connect you with the resources you need in a way that is timely, efficient, and helpful.

Since 2013, we’ve conducted 495 interviews resulting in 373 proposals delivered in Stark and Tuscarawas Counties with 2,315 network partner referrals. We’ve been able to connect our local companies to over $3,393,684 in leveraged resources in the form of loans, grants, tax credits, workforce training services, etc.

To learn more about how the Business Resource Network helps businesses, please go to or access our brochure.

To contact us, please complete this form.

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