February 12, 2022

Success Stories – February 2022

John* and Pathway Home

John was released early from incarceration for good behavior. Upon his release, he faced multiple
barriers; including homelessness, unemployment, and alcohol/drug abuse. John met with Pathway
Home Stark Navigator, Rashan Hall, to put together a plan for employment and adequate housing.

Rashan referred John to CommQuest, and connected him to an employment opportunity at
Architectural Roofing Contractors, Inc. He obtained employment making $15.38 an hour. John was
also able to connect with an alcohol and drug counseling agency, as well as gain housing with a
family member. He was able to accomplish all of this within one week of being released!

John ended up getting laid off from his job, but Rashan was able to connect him with an
employment opportunity at Superior Dairy. He got hired the day after his interview, making $14.50
per hour. Within a month, John was promoted and given a raise to $20 per hour. He will achieve 90
days of continuous employment on February 4th.

Ohio Pathway Home is a program that serves adults transitioning from state correctional facilities.
The Stark County navigator, Rashan Hall, assists those returning to Stark County with job
readiness, employment assistance and connection to community resources

Aaron* and Harcatus YES Program

Aaron came to YES as a junior in high school, with barriers such as struggling across all subjects,
limited opportunities for progress towards a driving permit or license, no vehicle, and no job skills.
Beyond being very shy, he did not hold out optimism for being able to accomplish what it would take
to secure his high school diploma.

Through his two years in the YES Program, Aaron acquired increasing confidence and self-discipline
towards his academic responsibilities. He also grew to become his own advocate with his teachers,
setting and attaining successive increments of goals toward graduation. He was eventually
acknowledged as a Student-Of-The-Month in his Senior year, overcoming great challenges.
Through the YES program’s ability to provide regular services to him through the after-school
programming, this gentleman dug deep and applied himself to make leaps and strides with his
grades and commitments. He readily accepted arranged work experiences through YES, which has
provided skills and has led him to remain in near full-time unsubsidized employment with a local
business for the past half-year since his graduation, with a $2.00 raise achieved over a month ago.
He learned to set financial objectives, which initially alleviated debt concerns, and gradually made it
possible for him to purchase a cell phone, and eventually a car.

This young man has navigated hurdles and contacts YES in follow-up with updates on recent
achievements, with pride. He stands out, absolutely, as one who is paving a way for himself as a
result of receiving the various supports that we can provide via YES!

Ohio’s innovative program offers a wide range of resources to help low-income young adults build
career paths, find employment, and break the cycle of poverty.

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